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jethros-children-logo-stackedFeeding Programs: Jethro’s children is committed to helping families in need through feeding programs that not only meet physical nourishment but also spiritual. On a regular basis we feed large groups of children at the Impact Centers throughout the world.

Medical Missions: Teams of medical personnel have the opportunity to volunteer in order to save lives and meet the needs of children that are sick. Short-term medical mission trips are designed to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of people who are surrounded by impoverished circumstances.

Education: Many children, youth, and adults never had the opportunity to get an education due to their lack of resources. We not only offer English class to locals, sponsors students to finish school, but also offers programs to help believers grow in their faith. Jethro’s Children also provides many children with the necessary school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, erasers, etc.

Orphan Care: Jethro’s Children is connected to many different orphanages in both Guatemala and El Salvador. Many of these children were abandoned at birth while others have been through abuse in unstable homes. No matter what their circumstance may be, our desire is to show the love of Christ to every orphan and every care giver. Mission teams go and simply love on the kids by giving them candies and lots of hugs. Other times teams are able to bring clothing, toys, or other needed items. Simple acts with eternal rewards.

Cancer Children: A few years ago God opened the door for Jethro’s Children to minister in a children’s cancer center in San Salvador, El Salvador. Through the years many teams have been able to visit the children in the cancer center and share the love of Christ with them. On one of those visits Jonathan was impacted by one of the little girls and as a result “Wigs of Hope” was birthed. Check out the Wigs of Hope section on the website for more information.

Special Needs: There is a wonderful special needs hospital/care center in Antigua, Guatemala. Impact Nations has been working with them since 2004 and many teams have visited these children with the desire to love on them. The teams who visit Guatemala are able to do ministry at the care center by helping feed, hold, play, and spend time with each one of the children. This is one of those ministries that is at the heart of Jethro’s Children and each child touches our lives.