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Wigs of Hope started in January 2014 with 3 wigs and has since given over 300 wigs to children battling cancer in Latin America. We have had a huge open door in El Salvador and are working on bringing Wigs of Hope into Guatemala. Together we are impacting hundreds of children and their families with the message of Jesus!

Not just a wig….It’s The Message!

It all began with one little girl who had lost more than just her hair. As Jonathan held the little girl on his lap, he was overwhelmed with a compassionate desire to show her God’s love in a tangible way. This was when the journey of growing his hair began. After over a year of growing his hair out, he shaved it off, the hair was sewn into a hairpiece and attached to a handmade hat created by Alicia’s Design. Back at the cancer hospital, he watched as the little girls eyes lit up when she saw her special wig and his shaved head! When she put it on she couldn’t stop smiling! It was a special moment for Jonathan and this little girl but Jonathan’s heart still felt burdened for the other 500 little girls. He called his wife at Alicia’s Design and said, The wig was a hit! Now we need to make 500 more for the rest of the little girls. Today, Wigs Of Hope is on a mission to craft the story of love by providing a wig for every girl battling cancer around the world.

Please consider partnering with Wigs Of Hope as we bless little kids around the world battling cancer!

What will a child receive when their Wigs of Hope package arrives? Each package will have a Wig, tote bag, t-shirt, full color children’s Bible, a No Greater Love headband, and a small gift such as a toy, necklace, or bracelet.

How To Donate Hair:

  • At this time we are looking for hair donations ranging from medium blonde – black.
  • A minimum of 12″ of hair must be donated to be considered usable. Hair must be washed/clean, dry and secured with a rubber band. Place hair in a sealed ziplock type bag marked with donors name.
  • To ensure your hair is created into a wig, please send a $100 donation to help us with the wig production costs and gift bag that each child will receive.
  • Additional things we would love for you to include are: your email, a photo of the donor that will be given to the child who receives the wig, and a short letter of encouragement that we will read to the child.
  • If you feel don’t have hair to donate and feel lead to give a monetary donation please send in your donation to our address listed below. Make checks payable to Wigs of Hope.

Mail hair and monetary donations to:

Wigs of Hope . PO Box 561553 . Orlando, FL 32856

Where to Send:

Wigs of Hope
PO Box 561553
Orlando, FL 32856